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Creative leadership challenging future possibilities

Intos International Co., Ltd. is a general trading company established with management philosophies of international sense, trust, originality, and sincerity. It is Korean sole distributor for Karex Industries Sdn.Bhd, which boasts a condom production of 5 billion pieces/year and boasts the world’s No. 1 delivery performance in the public sector market, and nominated distributor for on-line market for Durex condoms. In the 21st century, the concept of the country itself is changing.

Countries around the world are competitively entering into free trade agreements (FTAs) to activate trade, and we realize that the walls between countries are breaking down and the world is getting smaller due to the influence of the rapid Internet.

Intos has the purpose and necessity of the business to provide small and medium-sized businesses that are struggling amid fierce competition at home and abroad by providing a small source of strength and guidance so that they can survive in any environment.

Intos is composed of people with rich experience in the world and excellent business strategies, and utilizes a solid global network based on trust to form a cooperative relationship with Korean SMEs and overseas partners to help SMEs advance overseas. We want to play a role in expanding product selection opportunities for people who want to pursue health and happiness by opening up opportunities and bringing good products that are well-received abroad into Korea. Intos values international sensibility, trust, originality and sincerity, and will always keep its doors open with an open mind and make continuous efforts for the expansion and development of exchanges with people who want to share their will.

We promise to be a true partner in your business with creative leadership that challenges future possibilities.